In short, I take people on the inward journey of self-discovery and help them to navigate their lives with more ease and grace, by living more conscious and intuitively.

My coaching style is a blends science and intuition, allowing my intuition to lead, directing me where to insert my practical knowledge of how to create positive behavior change in order to guide you in becoming the best and most authentic version of yourself.


Ultimately this is a co-creation where we constantly re-evaluate what’s working, what’s not working, and how to continuously move forward. I’m in the business of intense transformation, and am committed to working with those who are ready to take their lives to new levels. To bring in a sense of empowerment that spills into their work, relationships, passions and everything in between.

Potential Benefits

  • Improved physical health

  • Alleviate symptoms of inflammation including brain fog, gastrointestinal distress, chronic fatigue, acne, autoimmune flare ups, etc.

  • Support and accountability in creating positive behavior change

  • Overcome coping mechanisms and habitual cycles that are no longer serving

  • Calm emotional reactivity

  • Transcend limiting beliefs

  • Improve connection with intuition

  • Bring clarity to overall mission and purpose

  • Overcome feelings of feeling stuck or not living up to full potential

The 6-month program includes:

  • Biweekly 60-minute coaching video calls. In these sessions we will pinpoint and work through blocks, embark on an in depth goal setting process and co-create creative solutions not only to troubleshoot blocks, but to move forward in taking action towards your goals.

  • Each session is followed up with a detailed integration email to include an action plan in moving forward. In between sessions there is unlimited text, email and voice memo support.

  • *See "tools" page for other ways to work with me.


Owner, Flux Consulting, Inc.

After going through a particularly tough year, I found myself out of energy, feeling overwhelmed and uncomfortably disconnected from the life I’d always known. On the surface everything was going smoothly — I own a successful business, I have close friends and family and I stay fit and healthy. But nothing felt right anymore and each day became more of a struggle. 

After nine months of traditional therapy, I realized that the help I needed had to be more holistic. That’s where Cav and Life Meets Health came in. Cav’s 360 approach to healing addressed things that I hadn’t been taking into account. Diet and fitness was generally already in place for me, but I wasn’t taking care of my emotional life, my self-esteem or actively working on plans for the future. After six months of working with Cav, I realized that everything I do and say affects my well-being and state of mind and has a ripple effect on my relationships as well. 

During our six months, Cav was incredibly patient and always came from a place of compassion. That patience and kindness made it possible for me to start being kinder to myself. Of course, this kind of work on yourself is ongoing and some days are harder than others. But Cav and Life Meets Health made it possible for me to understand what to do to become a better, happier version of myself.



This is the life changing magic of getting healthy: your food, your fitness, your daily habits, what you take in, and what you give out. Cav is an awe-inspiring coach whose razor sharp vision will give you a new take on your world, so you can choose the life you really want to live. Life Meets Health is the path to a healthier, smarter, more efficient, and happier you.


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I’ve been working with Coach Cav for nearly a year. If you want to make real meaningful positive changes in your life I strongly recommend working with him. I initially reached out to Cav for a few nutrition tips for how I could slim down my waist line. I quickly realized that Cav's approach to health & wellness extends past just counting calories. Cav's programming is 100% personalized and differentiated for every client. Cav is very dedicated to his clients and is extremely responsive. After every conversation and encounter with Cav, he always leaves me with action steps and a game plan to help move forward in a positive direction. Cav has helped me develop compensatory skills for personal challenges I’ve faced. His feedback is supportive and unbiased. If you choose to work with Cav I guarantee you will see measurable growth in all aspects of your life. Cav can truly help you become the best version of yourself.

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