Life Meets Health is a full spectrum life, body and spirit upgrade. The program is designed to help you to discover who you truly are so that you can begin to pioneer your unique path and become a trailblazer for the collective. We achieve this by decreasing distractions and increasing awareness, to facilitate your intuition and inner voice to come online, all while taking practical and actionable steps in building the various elements of your ‘House of Health’ that may need attention.

“Cav provides a “teach a man how to fish and feed him for a lifetime” curriculum that’s very much centered around what your personal goals are.” - Buchannan

Physical Health - Rooted in Physiology

Getting your physical health running in the background, frees up your time and energy for everything else, resulting in a newfound capacity. I take a holistic approach, addressing sleep, nutrition, and physical activity with the goal to increase overall energy, enhance mental clarity, and help to bring your intuition online.

Mental Health - Rooted in Neuroplasticity

Because our brains are association based, all of our mindset work is built on the foundational teaching that the only meaning anything has, is the one that you choose to give to it. We’ll pick apart the various thought forms playing out in your life and work to deprogram limiting beliefs and reprogram beliefs that will serve you better. Thus developing a whole new internal operating system with an intentional design.


“I find Cav to be one of the easiest people to talk to and his ability to listen and give you his utmost attention is astounding. Whether you feel you need a complete overhaul or just gentle guidance, Cav is able to understand it and steer you through it, almost without you noticing he's doing it.”  -Paula


Emotional Health - Rooted in Emotional Intelligence 

Emotions are the chemical consequences of experiences. Instead of acknowledging, feeling, and metabolizing emotions, we often have developed habits and patterns to allow ourselves to avoid or distract from addressing them. I refer to this as having “undigested emotions”. We’ll bring these undigested emotions to the surface to digest and clear, so that they are no longer holding you back or creating negative patterns in your life.


“What I love is how Cav combines his deep knowledge and empathy to help you live the best and healthiest version of yourself. He is both your coach and cheerleader.” - Sowra


Spiritual Health - Rooted in Quantum Physics

As we work to clean up the physical, mental, and emotional blocks that have been obstructing your clarity, new insights will begin to come forward. What brings you joy, your natural talents, deep desires and waking up to your personal purpose and mission. As this happens, you gain energy, because ‘man does not eat by bread alone’ and fulfillment is fuel.


We’re all here to do something. And that something looks different for everyone. We’ll embark on an in depth goal setting process to not only expose what’s calling you forward, but to also build a plan of action towards achieving those goals. 

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