Cav Celini,

Founder of Life Meets Health

It is my belief that becoming our best selves, is the best thing for everybody else. And that the more happy and healthy people we have on the planet, the more positive change we see in the world. That is why my mission is help people to discover and embrace the truth of who they are. Part of that mission is to embody living my own truth and leading by example.


My journey started in my mid 20’s with a deep craving to shut out the “noise”. Without really knowing what that meant, I intuitively began to strip away distractions and excess stimulus from my life. Things like inflammatory foods, superficial relationships, alcohol, clutter, Netflix…


As the distractions decreased from my life, my awareness increased, and who I really was and what I wanted for my life began to present itself. I began to see how I was living a life of of-hand-me-down beliefs, social conditioning, and all kinds of mental programming. And that I was lacking fulfillment, knowing that I was not living up to my full potential.


Gradually, I began to take action towards building a life of intention. I began to create positive change in my health, mindset, emotions and overall fulfillment in life. I’ve been out of my comfort zone ever since this shift in 2015, and although it’s not always easy, it is always worth it. My personal experience in transcending limiting beliefs and pioneering my unique path has encouraged me to keenly study the anatomy of change. Everything from entrepreneurship, living a holistic lifestyle, sexuality and gender - to name a few. Coupling my findings with my educational background has ultimately laid the groundwork for Life Meets Health. 

- Cav Celini, Founder of Life Meets Health

Cav Celini has a BS in Exercise Science & Health Promotion from Central Connecticut State University where he played D1 soccer. Cav started his career in wellness as a personal trainer in 2012, going on to coach CrossFit and completing his seven year coaching career at CrossFit NYC, the largest CrossFit gym in the country. Cav is a certified Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, since founding Life Meets Health in 2016. Cav is also on the board of the Out Foundation, who shares a like-minded mission of supporting the health and wellness of LGBTQ+ individuals.

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