Ready to blow the ceiling off of your life?


It is my belief that becoming our best selves, is the best thing for everybody else. And that the more happy and healthy people we have on the planet, the more positive change we see in the world. That is why my mission is help people to discover and embrace the truth of who they are. Part of that mission is to embody living my own truth and leading by example.


My journey started in my mid 20’s with a deep craving to shut out the “noise”. Without really knowing what that meant, I intuitively began to strip away distractions and excess stimulus from my life. Things like inflammatory foods, superficial relationships, alcohol, clutter, Netflix…


As the distractions decreased from my life, my awareness increased, and who I really was and what I wanted for my life began to present itself. I began to see how I was living a life of of-hand-me-down beliefs, social conditioning, and all kinds of mental programming.

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